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Why is My Furnace Leaking Water?

Why is My Furnace Leaking Water? - AC, Heating Repair & Plumbing Redford, MI | Mastercraft - heatingDon’t panic! If your furnace is leaking water, it could be a simple fix. While there is no way to accurately determine why a furnace is leaking water without a thorough inspection, there are a few common problems that are likely to be the issue.  The most common of these is a condensation leak.

Condensation Leak

This is a problem that frequently occurs in high-efficiency furnaces, which are designed to reduce energy consumption.  Their unique energy-saving process produces a cool exhaust, resulting in a large amount of condensation.  A properly installed furnace will channel this excess water into a floor drain, but a clogged or broken condensation tube can cause it to collect on the floor.

A standard-efficiency furnace shouldn’t be producing condensation of any kind.  Although, if the flue pipe was installed improperly, or was incorrectly sized, it may be allowing the exhaust to cool before being drained back into the furnace, which may be the source of your leak.

Furnace Humidifier

If your internal humidifier is faulty, or no longer functioning, it can result in a water leak in your furnace.  A leaky humidifier can easily damage other parts of your furnace and must be remedied as soon as possible.  A certified HVAC technician will be able to diagnose and repair this problem quickly and easily.

Secondary Heat Exchanger

The worst-case scenario is a faulty secondary heat exchanger.  Although this is the least common source of a water leak, it is also the most serious, and may require your furnace to be replaced entirely.  It’s important that if you’re experiencing a leak to have a professional technician inspect and maintain your furnace in order to prevent further damage to your system.

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