5 Year Warranty
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When Do I Need To Replace My Furnace?

Often times people rush out to get a new furnace or system when repair is all that is needed. There are some instances however when replacement is the only option and knowing the difference can save you money and time. Here are three instances in which replacement of your furnace is going to be more cost effective and safer than simply trying to repair and resolve existing issues.

  1. Catastrophic Failure- the firs is quite obvious. If your furnace blows up for instance or catches fire, you certainly need to replace it immediately. Though you may be able to replace this piece or this part, if a furnace has a catastrophic failure it is always safer to opt for a new system entirely. Something like a fan going out or a filtration system acting up are not catastrophic failures and can be easily fixed.
  2. Outdated or Unsafe- another instance in which replacement is safer than repair is when your system is greatly outdated or deemed unsafe by your repair or maintenance company. A system that is a year or two behind date is not going to be considered outdated. Often times, a maintenance company will work to keep systems up to date so that they comply with safety standards and often they will tell you if you system is out of date or unsafe. Most systems are good for ten or twenty years with proper maintenance.
  3. Frequent Malfunction- another instance in which replacement may be better is if you are repairing your system very often. Eventually, repairing a system every month or even two or three times a year may end up being more hassle and may end up costing more than it would to simply replace the system.

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