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The Importance of Controlling Your Home's Humidity

Heating and Cooling Michigan

It is beginning to feel like spring has finally sprung, but we are not so far away from winter that we have forgotten about all of the snow, ice, chapped lips, and dry itchy skin.  Sometimes old man winter gets blamed for things like chapped lips and dry skin, but in reality, your furnace can be the culprit.  Furnaces that do not have humidification systems can leave homeowners feeling uncomfortable, and the dry air that is hard on the body is also hard on the home.

Let’s take a deeper look at the ways dry air can affect one’s health.  A lack of humidity in the winter months can create dry, scratchy throats, itchy skin, increased static resulting in shocks, chapped lips, cracked skin, increased susceptibility to colds and other respiratory related infections, and can allow for viruses to thrive.  Many of these symptoms can disappear when homes have proper humidity levels during the winter.

Your home also takes a beating when the air is too dry.  Wallpaper will begin to peel, wood floors will contract and expose unsightly seems, paint will chip, and electronic devices will prematurely age.  For these reasons, homeowners should make sure their furnace has a humidification system attached to raise the humidity in the home.

Increased humidity not only has positive effects on one’s health and is better for your home, but it also creates a more comfortable feeling in the home, removing that cool, drafty feeling.  Whether you need a humidification system for your furnace, or are in need of technical support to ensure your existing system is functioning properly, Mastercraft Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing has earned the trust and respect of customers in Southeast Michigan for more than 60 years.  Contact Mastercraft Heating Cooling and Plumbing today to set up an appointment!