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How Is an Air Conditioner Installed?

Air conditioning installation

Many of our customers looking for new ac units in Redford , already know what brand and model air conditioner they want, but often ask us about how they are installed. Installation of an air conditioner is just as important as selecting the model itself, if not more so. AC units that are not properly installed can function poorly as well as cause your cooling costs to rise. The Energy Star ratings on air conditioners for example assume they are professionally installed, and properly sized for your home.

While you can opt to install your own ac replacement in Redford MI, you should be aware that if you fail to install it to exact specifications it can cause premature ac failure, and sky rocking cooling costs. Most customers opting for new ac units in Redford take the most prudent course by hiring a professional to do the heavy technical work of installing a new air conditioner.

The exact method to install your new Redford ac replacement will vary according to the type of system you are installing for example a split system versus a system designed to work with forced hot air heating, which already has duct work installed makes a word of difference. If, for example, you have to install new ducts, the time and money spent on the project will climb accordingly. With most central air systems, if you already have the duct work present in your home, installation will be a breeze.

If you already have your duct work in place, you will need to have the outside unit placed and secured. A power outlet must be near by to hard wire the AC unit. Your system will also need to be connected to your ventilation system so that the AC can take hot air out of your home, moving the chilled air into your home. Freon gas and nitrogen will also need to be added on location during the installation process, and this needs to be performed by a licensed professional. Depending on what system you are installing, you may need special flaring equipment during installation.

Mastercraft Heating, Cooling and Plumbing can make your AC replacement in Redford Mi, easy, we can do all the work, and ensure that your Redford ac installation is properly installed according to industry specifications. Why risk installing it wrong when you can turn to Redford's most trusted central air conditioner company! Simply call us at (800) 924-2123  for a free estimate today!